Sunday, January 24, 2010

Pat Buchanan

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  1. Wow! I didn't know that the perfect left could be so desperate to slander someone. Where did you get that the "America First Committee" is "Pro-Hitler?" That "Jewish plot to defend the Soviet Union" quote doesn't exist. And by the way, Hitler did adopt a certain policy in his economy known as "SOCIALISM" or "FACISM" (They're the same thing.) in which an overbearing, strong central government controls businesses and people's lives. Last time I checked thats what you guys wanted.
    You say that he was a capitalist but you show no evidence. I don't get it; if you start this blog to show that Adolf Hitler was a "evil capitalist" why don't you show any evidence for it? All you can come up with is some bull- @#!*% unsupported paragraph with a picture of Pat Buchanan on it?
    Over and above all this is the fact that you wouldn't have the computer you're typing this dumb blog on if it weren't for capitalism. Yea, that's right. Computers were invented by the "evil" free enterprise in this country. If Bill Gates hadn't been able to create Microsoft and Steve Jobs not allowed to start Apple because companies were owned by government bureacrats, then your computer would not exist! Nor would you be able to afford it if it did.
    People, you need to wake up and ask yourselves if you want to be a slave to a government that tells you how to live your life, or if you want to do what you want to better yourself. That's the bottom line.