Saturday, January 23, 2010

Mussolini: "Supercapitalism is the ideal!"

At this stage, supercapitalism finds its inspiration and its justification in a utopia: the utopia of unlimited consumption. Supercapitalism's ideal is the standardization of the human race from the cradle to the grave. Supercapitalism wants all babies to be born exactly the same length so that the cradles can be standardized and all children persuaded to like the same toys. It wants all men to don the very same uniform, to read the same book, to have the same tastes in films, and to desire the same so-called labor-saving devices. This is not the result of caprice. It inheres in the logic of events, for only thus can supercapitalism make its plans

Fascist Mussilini, unlike what is told in the lies of Jonah Goldberg, was not just a capitalist. He even called himself a "Supercapitalist."

Rather odd, if Fascism is a form of Socialism.


  1. As an [anti-fascist] socialist, I find this post/blog incredibly deficient. Apparently, you haven't the slightest idea of what you're talking about. What you just quoted here was taken from a speech in which Mussolini was criticizing the contemporary state of capitalism. He was not celebrating it. Perhaps you find contextualization a tad bit difficult. That's why there are historians: to help (challenged) individuals like yourself. And insofar as the rest of your blog is concerned, anti-Bolshevism does not render one anti-socialist. There were innumerable socialists that did not support Bolshevism. Understanding Fascist and National Socialist economics, domestic policies, and foreign policies requires an understanding of pertinent history that transcends the information you are utilizing and the sort of adolescent comprehension you have demonstrated.

  2. you're going to try the whole "no true scotsman" shit but "national socialist" is a misnomer, they weren't real collectivist. If they were they would have supported workers control of the means of production, not even state, WORKERS control.

    socialism BY DEFINITION Is WORKERS CONTROL of the means of production, if a "SOCIALIST" does NOT SUPPORT WORKERS CONTROL OF THE MEANS of PRODUCTION they really aren't a true "scotsman" and are FAKING IT.

    National "socialist" is a misnomer. Their form of "socialism" is NOT SOCIALISM.